Attendance report in Collaborate Ultra

From within your Learn course, go to the Virtual Classroom, Collaborate sessions.

To view previous sessions use the filter to show All Previous Sessions.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 'All Upcoming Sessions' menu. Select 'All Previous Sessions,.

Once your previous sessions are shown, on the right-hand side you will see three dots, this is your options menu. Click this and then from the menu that appears, choose View Reports.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra select 'Veiw Reports' button

Select View report next to the session occurrence you wish to view.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra select 'View report'.

You will now see the attendance list and details of the session such as join time, leave time and how often that participant had joined the session.

To export the report you can print or download the attendance list.

  • Select Printable and print the page.
  • Select Export to CSV to export the report.
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra attendance report

Note: This feature is unavailable in Groups