Gather Town

PPLS has a 200-user space on the online social platform Gather Town, currently licensed for the academic year 2021-2022 . We also have a second space called ‘PPLS Labs’ for hosting teaching labs.

Using Gather Town

Organisers: Send the Gather Town user guide to event attendees to help them get started

More help information is on the Gather Town website:

Map of space

The PPLS Gather Town space is still evolving. This map will be updated as the space changes (current image: 7 Sept 2021). Users enter at the bottom of the ‘Atrium’. There is a portal in the Atrium leading to/from ‘PPLS Labs’, a separate Gather Town space (see below).

Booking the space

The PPLS Gather Town Space is heavily booked for Semester 1 teaching in 2021-22. Due to the complexities of timetabling, the direct Booking link has been temporarily removed. To enquire about availability for a class or event, please contact Aran Ward Sell, the PPLs Learning Technologist, directly.


After you have submitted your request, the PPLS Learning Technology team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. The space consists of multiple rooms such as offices (ideal for drop-in sessions with students), an auditorium for presentations or lectures, and social areas with interactive features such as casual multi-player games.