Within the University

Professional images and stock photography

Communications and Marketing have a large bank of official photography available to all staff at the University. They are also able to purchase a limited amount of stock photography on our behalf.

Communications and Marketing: Image bank and photography consent

PPLS Marketing maintain an images folder with professional photography taken in and around DSB and 7GS. To request access to this, contact the School’s Marketing Officer.


University and School logos

University Library image archives

University of Edinburgh Image Collections

Centre for Research Collections on Flickr

External image sources

Before using externally sourced images in your work, read up on the basics of Creative Commons licences and what it means for something to be in the public domain. Above all, be cautious when appropriating other people’s work.

Google Images

After searching, click Tools > Usage rights to show images that are listed as being reusable.

Google Images

screenshot showing how to search for legally resuable images on google images

Wikimedia Commons

This is an enormous library of Public Domain and Creative Commons images. The best way to search it is by using Google Advanced Image Search and restricting the site or domain to

Google Advanced Image Search


A menu in the top left lets you restrict your search to licences that permit reuse of images.

Flickr Search

screenshot showing how to search flickr for legally reusable images

Photos For Class – This site searches Flickr and automatically adds an attribution banner when you download the image.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons search engine

Free stock photos

These sites have high-quality royalty-free photos that are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

  • Pexels – The CC0 Content on the Service is marked with the reference “CC0 License” next to the respective picture/content made available for download. You can buy sponsored content too, with no obligation to credit the photographer or owner of the Content or Pexels.
  • Unsplash – Content on Unsplash is made available to you on the terms of “Unsplash License
  • Pixabay – Content on Pixabay is made available to you on the terms of “Pixabay License

The Noun Project

A large collection of black and white icons and pictograms. Most of them are available under a Creative Commons licence that permits reuse provided you credit the designer.

The Noun Project

Art galleries

Some major art galleries have made parts of their collection available for download and re-use.


Free stock video

Copyright guidance

Information Services: Guidance on copyright