Discussion Boards / Forums


As far as Learn is concerned, discussion boards contain forums, forums contain threads, and threads contain posts.


Creating a forum: quick start guide

1. Go to the page in Learn where you want to create the forum

Make sure Edit Mode is on (top right).

2. Go to Tools > Discussion Board

3. Create New Forum

4. Give the forum a name

A description is optional.

5. Then check that you’re happy with the default settings, and click Submit

See the footnote below about the default settings.

6. Select your new forum from the list, and click Next

7. Click Submit

A footnote on letting students edit or delete posts

The default settings in Learn don’t let students edit or delete their posts.


If you let students delete their own posts, you get the following options:


Choose Only posts with no replies. If they delete a post that has replies, the replies will be deleted too. This could leave you with some annoyed students.

Letting students edit their posts lets students correct typos or minor factual errors. However, it’s inadvisable if you will assess the forums, or if you think there is any chance of uncivil behaviour.

Watch a video tutorial on setting up a discussion board in Learn