What is Panopto?

Panopto lets you record yourself, or visiting speakers, and then share these recordings with your students.

You can record:

  • audio
  • a webcam video
  • the computer screen and/or your slideshow

or any combination of the above.

This is typically used for lecture capture, but you can also use this system for podcasts or screencasts.

Panopto is made up of two parts:

1. Software

The software for making recordings is called Panopto. It’s already installed on computers in teaching rooms that have been equipped for lecture capture, and can be installed for free on other computers as required.

Read more about downloading Panopto

Panopto also have an app for iOS (iPhone/iPad), but this should not be used as there are problems with the EASE authentication process.

2. Panopto RecEd website

The Panopto RecEd website is where your recordings can be uploaded, edited and viewed.

You can upload any type of recording to this website; they don’t have to be videos you’ve made with Panopto.

Trouble logging in?

Benefits of uploading video to the Panopto RecEd website

Restricted audience

Typically, only the students enrolled on a particular course in Learn are able to access the recordings you upload. Alternatively, you can make recordings only available to particular students.

Easier navigation for students

If you use PowerPoint, students can browse through the recorded lecture by slide title. This makes revisiting a specific topic from the lecture much easier. On YouTube, they can only browse using the time slider.

Other presentation software

The system is at its best when used with PowerPoint, as this allows students to navigate through the recording by the slide titles. That said, you can also use Panopto with Keynote, Beamer or PDF presentations. In these cases, Panopto just records your screen at the same time as your lecture. However, students will then only be able to navigate through the recording using the time slider.