Panopto: Demonstrating that you’re a member of staff (and checking that your course is provisioned with Panopto)

1. To work properly, Panopto needs to know you’re a member of staff.

It does this by checking that you’re an instructor in a Learn course. This means you may need to put Panopto and Learn in contact with each other. If you don’t use Learn, (for example, if you’re a non-teaching member of staff), email the PPLS Learning Technology team and we will help you get set up.

2. Go to a Learn course where you’re an instructor.

If there’s a course where you’re expecting to use Panopto, it makes sense to choose that one. Go to Tools > Panopto Video Link.

3. If the Insert Panopto Video screen shows Folder, Lecture, Title

…your Learn course and Panopto are already linked up and you don’t need to go any further with this tutorial.

4. If the Insert Panopto Video screen is almost completely blank…

…you’ll need to click Add Course to Panopto.

Once they’re connected, you’ll see an OK button. This doesn’t respond, so just ignore it.

5. Now go to

You should see your name in the top right. If you click it, you should see that your role is “Creator”.

If that’s the case, that means you’re done with this tutorial and you’re ready to start using Panopto.

See these instructions as a video