Recording a lecture with Panopto

Before you enter the classroom

If you’re about to use Panopto for the first time, you need to read and accept an End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

How to read and accept the Panopto EULA

If it’s the first time Panopto has been used on your course, the associated course in Learn will need to be provisioned with Panopto.

How to check that a Learn course has been provisioned with Panopto

If the recording isn’t connected to a particular course (for instance, if it’s a visiting speaker), contact your School’s Panopto representative.

You should also check that your classroom has the necessary equipment and software.

In the classroom

Download these instructions as a pdf

1. Log in to the desktop computer as yourself

If you log in as a guest, Panopto won’t work.

2. Open your slides as you normally would

3. Open Panopto

Start menu > Search programs and files > “Panopto”

how to search for panopto on a Windows 7 machine

4. Sign in with Blackboard Live, and then EASE

Location of sign-in buttons for Blackboard Live and EASE

5. Get the mic ready

Use the lapel mic. Other microphones are unlikely to work.

Turn on the mic. The on/off switch is under the flap on the battery pack. Check it’s not on mute.

sennheiser radio mic

You should see the bars going up and down in Panopto.

Mic bars in Panopto

 6. Check you’re recording into the right folder

Destination folder for your recording

7. Record

Click Record and you’re ready to start the class.

At the end of the lecture, click Stop and then just close everything down as normal. Your recording will be uploaded to the Panopto RecEd website but will not be available to students.

You can click pause during the lecture to start and stop the recording as you go. The clock carries on running, but this can safely be ignored.

When you’re done

Click Stop in Panopto Recorder, close everything down and log out of the computer. Your recording will be automatically uploaded to the Panopto RecEd website.


Your students won’t be able to see the recording yet.

However, after it’s been processed, it will be ready for you to view at the Panopto RecEd website.

When you’re logged in to the Panopto RecEd website, you should be able to find your recording by going into your Folders. From here, you can watch the video and make minor edits.

How to use the video editing tool in Panopto (video, 7mins)

How do I let students see the recording?

Sharing recordings with your students