Recording screencasts with Panopto Recorder

1. Open Panopto Recorder

If prompted, log in via Blackboard Live, and then EASE.

2. Select a folder for your recording

This will usually be the course that your recording is associated with.

Can’t see the folder you want? It might be because your Learn course has not been linked up to Panopto.

Find out how to link your Learn course to Panopto

3. Set Video to your computer’s webcam

(If you’re using one)

4. Set Audio to your computer’s microphone

5. Set the quality to Ultra

6. If you’re using a PowerPoint, tick Capture PowerPoint

You may need to open your presentation if it’s not open already.

If you want to record your computer screen too, tick Capture Primary Screen. If you’re just talking over a PowerPoint, we recommend leaving this unticked.

7. When you’re ready to start, click record

8. When you’re done, click stop

How do I edit the recording? (Video, 2 mins)

Sharing recordings with students

Sharing recordings with the public

Click to enlarge. Image credit: David Pammenter.

Click to enlarge. Image credit: David Pammenter