Screencasting: Panopto v Camtasia

Panopto Recorder

This is good for talking over a PowerPoint or simple software demonstrations.

  • Free to all PPLS staff.
  • Simple editing facilities: you can cut out sections but not much more.

Camtasia Studio

This is how we made the screencasts on this website.

  • An educational licence costs about £130 per user.
  • More advanced editing features: you can add text, change speed, zoom in / out

There are versions of Camtasia Studio for both PC and Mac, but these versions are not compatible with each other.

Other options

Jing is a free screen recording tool made by TechSmith, the company behind Camtasia Studio. It’s available for Windows and Mac. It’s a good program, but videos are limited to 5 minutes.

The version of QuickTime that comes built-in with Macs also allows you to make screen recordings. Note that QuickTime for Windows does not.