Sharing Panopto recordings with students

Make sure you record to the correct folder

When you make a recording with Panopto, you identify a folder where you want the recording to be uploaded. This is usually the name of a course in Learn.

Destination folder for your recording

When you press stop, the recording will normally start uploading to that folder on the Panopto RecEd website.

If this doesn’t happen, go to the Recording Status tab in Panopto Recorder, find the recording, and click Upload to Server.

If you recorded to the wrong folder

Tracking down missing recordings

Link to the recording from Learn

1. Go to the page in your course where you want the recording to appear

2. Make sure Edit mode is on.

3. Go to Tools > Panopto Video Link

Complete the form and click Submit.

Screenshot showing location of Insert Panopto Link item in Learn menu