Sharing recordings not made with Panopto Recorder

You can upload audio/video files to the Panopto RecEd website, even if you didn’t make the recordings with Panopto Recorder.

See a list of supported file types

How to upload videos files to the Panopto RecEd site

1. Go to the Panopto RecEd website

2. Show all sessions

3. Create > Upload video

The site will prompt you to choose a folder. Each folder is associated with a course in Learn, and your video will only be available to people who are enrolled on that course.

Uploading recordings directly to Learn

It is possible to upload audio and video files directly to Learn, just as you might upload a Word doc or a pdf. However, this is heavily frowned upon by the University. Learn has a limited amount of server space for uploaded files, and large media files will quickly use up that space.

Panopto, on the other hand, is equipped for handling large amounts of audio and video files.