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Library Learning Services Manager Angela Laurins explains the benefits of Resource Lists

February 2015

Resource Lists @ Edinburgh is a service supported by the Library to provide online reading lists for students. The system we’re using is Talis Aspire, used by around 60 UK institutions including the Universities of Manchester and Glasgow.

Online reading lists make it easier for students to access core reading materials, so they spend less time searching and more time reading. Any resource with a URL, including books, e-books, journal articles and online videos, can be added to a resource list.

Resource lists are easy to create and update. Resources are added to a list by clicking on a Resource List button on your browser toolbar. You can gather resources and reuse them on any of your  lists. Resource Lists can be structured to best suit your teaching. For example, lists can be structured by semester, week, topic or resource type. Editing privileges for Resource Lists can be shared with your colleagues. You can add notes for students and assign priority to items on your list and, in doing so, comply with the University’s Accessible and Inclusive Learning Policy. Statistical data on list usage is available to course organisers.

When a student views an item on a Resource List real time Library Catalogue information, a Google book preview (if available) and, if it’s an online resource, a link taking the student directly to the journal article or e-book are displayed. Students can access Resource Lists @ Edinburgh via the service homepage or via Learn or Moodle, giving them the opportunity to access all course materials and see all resource information in the same space. Students can sort and annotate resource lists and prioritise their own reading.

For course organisers

Resource Lists @ Edinburgh also provides the Library with valuable data on required course materials which helps the Library make better purchasing decisions and ensures library collections meet course organisers’ requirements and student expectations.

If I’m interested, what are the next steps I should take?

Course organisers need to register before they can use the service. Please contact the IS helpline to request access to Resource Lists @ Edinburgh (using Talis Aspire).

Email IS Helpline:

You’ll be send an registration email with a link. Additional guidance will be provided by Library Learning Services on how to add the Resource List bookmark tool to your browser toolbar (a very simple drag and drop process).

In order to get you started with the service, the Library can create resource lists on your behalf and then hand them over to you for ongoing maintenance. Library Learning Services is also available for training sessions either in groups or 1-2-1.  Please get in touch via IS Helpline if you would like more information.

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