Limits on what you can do with Rubrics and Grading Forms


Turnitin only feeds the total score into the Grade Centre

In the example above, the student has a total score of 65. Turnitin does the sum for you, and this figure is automatically fed through to the Grade Centre in Learn.

We can also see the student scored:

  • 20 for Purpose,
  • 10 for Organization
  • 20 for Support/Ideas
  • 15 for Evidence.

These figures for individual criteria are not fed through to the Grade Centre.

That means that once everything has been marked and anonymity has been lifted, you’ll be able to get data like this:

Assignment total
Dorothy 65
Amna 52
Kevin 60

But you won’t be able to get data like this:

Assignment total Purpose Organization Support/ideas Evidence
Dorothy 65 20 10 20 15
Amna 52 15 15 10 12
Kevin 60 15 10 15 20

If that’s a problem, you might need to keep a gradebook outside of Turnitin/Learn.

You can’t set a maximum for each of your criteria

In the example above, each criterion has a maximum of 25, but there’s no way of indicating this when you create a Grading Form. The criteria in the example are called:

  • Purpose
  • Organisation
  • Support/ideas
  • Evidence

It would be better to call them:

  • Purpose (25 marks)
  • Organisation (25 marks)
  • Support/ideas (25 marks)
  • Evidence (25 marks)

That way your students will have a better idea of what their marks are worth.