How to keep your Learn pages tidy

1. Agree to organise material the same way as other lecturers on the course

Multiple lecturers on the same course often bring their own way of organising materials. The pages are going to be easier to navigate if everyone’s using the same system.

2. Build up the left-hand navigation menu

You can add links to areas within Learn by hovering over the plus symbol above the menu and clicking Course Link.


If your course is divided into topics, providing links to each of those topics is often useful.

See an example of how the left-hand navigation is structured in Philosophy of Science 1

3. Think about file formats

Most of the time, PDFs are more appropriate for Learn than DOC/PPT files.

When students click on a DOC or PPT file in Learn, it starts downloading, usually without any warning. Then they have to open it, which often means their computer has to fire up Word or PowerPoint.

Seeing PDFs is a quicker experience, because they open in the browser.

4. Don’t use coloured text

For some reason, Learn is constantly inviting you to change the colour of text. For example:


This feature can be safely avoided. Colour needs to be used consistently on a webpage, and this feature tends to create inconsistency.

5. Get rid of the icons

If you think the icons just add clutter, remember you can hide them by going to Customisation > Teaching Style.