Finding your way around Tests in Learn

Two key ideas

(1) You create a Test

(2) You deploy a Test

This distinction is important to understand from the outset, because a lot of options don’t become available until a test is deployed.

How do I create a Test?

Read our guide Creating a simple Test in Learn

How do I deploy a Test?

In the Content Area where you want the Test to appear, go to Assessments > Test


Navigating through Tests behind the scenes

Say you’ve got some links to deployed tests in a Content Area like this:


Hovering over these links shows us a contextual menu:


From here, you can:

(1) Click the link directly

(Highlighted yellow) This takes you to a student preview of the test. You can have a go at the test and check that everything is working.

(2) Contextual menu > Edit the Test

This takes you to the Test Canvas.

(3) Contextual menu > Edit the Test Options

This takes you to the Test Options.

The Test Canvas

This looks like this:


From here, you can:

  • Add/edit questions
  • Rearrange the order of the questions
  • Change how many points each question is worth

Also, from here…


You can open a contextual menu like this:


Edit lets you change the name, description and instructions for the test.

Modify options takes you to the Test Options.

The link in the top-right corner (pictured below) is less useful than it might appear. It lets you change the default settings for any new questions you create. It also lets you reduce the number of settings you have to scroll through on the Create / Edit Question screen:


Test Options

This page only becomes available after a Test has been deployed.

It looks like this:


From here, you can:

  • Make the link to the test available to students (or hide it from them)
  • Choose whether students can have multiple attempts at the Test
  • Limit the availability of the Test to a certain date/time range
  • Set a due date for the test
  • Choose how the Test is presented (e.g. one question at a time or all at once)

This is also where you can choose what kind of feedback students get after they’ve completed the Test.

These settings:



Mean that students would see this after they’ve completed their test:



You can see an overview of all Tests created within a course by going to Learn’s left-hand navigation and finding Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools.