Uploading multiple files at once

If you haven’t already, take a look this post, which explains where your files go when you upload them to Learn:

Getting a mental model of how Learn deals with files

Now let’s look at how to upload multiple files to the Content Collection.

1. Go to the Content Collection for your course


2. Upload > Upload Files


3. Make sure you’re on the Multiple Files tab


4. About the Java application

Learn uses a small Java application, operating within your browser, to handle multiple file uploads. You may experience browsers cautioning you against this application; if you see a pop-up like this, just respond “Run”:


However, in some cases, browsers prevent you from using Java applications at all. Chrome for Mac and Safari for Mac are two browsers which have a tendency towards this approach. In these cases, the quickest solution we’ve found is to use Mozilla Firefox.

5. Drag and drop your files, or Browse to find them


6. If you’re browsing, use Ctrl+click to select multiple files


7. After you click Open, the files should start uploading. Click Submit to finish.


When you’re done, the files will be in the Content Collection for your course, but this doesn’t mean they’ll be visible to your students. You’ll need to link to the files in the appropriate place within your course.