Linking your lecture recordings to your learn course

Video instructions

An instructors guide to linking your lecture recordings to your Learn course.


Go to your course in Learn. Make sure Edit Mode is enabled at the top right of the screen. It will light green when enabled.



Click on the Add Menu Item button (plus sign at the top left of the menu) and choose ‘Tool Link’ from the list



Name your link using the Name box and choose Media Hopper Replay from the drop-down menu. Tick the ‘Available to Users’ option and when ready, click ‘Submit’.



To move the position of the link within the menu, hover over its left-hand side and when the cross-hairs appear, click and drag to its new location.

Click on your newly created link to open Media Hopper Replay. It will open outside of Learn in a new tab (or window depending on your browser settings).



Using the drop-down list enter the course code and locate and select the course which matches the Learn course you are linking to.

Leave the Link to the Section Home option selected and click on the ‘Link Content’ button to create the link.


When Media Hopper Replay opens, your newly linked course will be visible showing any future recordings which have been scheduled.