Media Hopper

Media Hopper Replay and Media Hopper Create are two separate systems.

Media Hopper Replay – Lecture capture

The University’s lecture recording service is called Media Hopper Replay. It is available in most of our largest teaching spaces and is being rolled out to smaller teaching rooms over the coming year. By the start of the 2019/20 academic year, it will be available in around 400 teaching spaces. Use Media Hopper Replay to record teaching sessions and publish the recordings for students to access via Learn the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Information Services support documentation

Overview of Media Hopper Replay

Lecture capture policy and FAQs

Lecture recording training programme

Media Hopper Replay News (programme wiki)

How-to guide

Linking your lecture recordings to your learn course

Media Hopper Create

This operates as a “campus YouTube” for the University of Edinburgh. Videos can be uploaded and made available either to the public or to more restricted audiences.

Media Hopper Create (main website)

Information Services support documentation

Overview of Media Hopper Create

How-to guides

Adding Media Hopper Create videos to Learn

Full collection of how-to guides

Support documentation on this site

Uploading audio and video files to Media Hopper Create

Restricting who can view your videos

Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

This software can be used for making recordings at your desktop, and it’s free for staff and students at the University. You can record your voice, webcam video, screen and/or a PowerPoint presentation. When you’ve made a recording, you can make simple edits and upload the resulting video to your Media Hopper account.

Read more about about the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder