Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

This software can be used for making recordings at your desktop, and it’s free for staff and students at the University. You can record your voice, webcam video, screen and/or a PowerPoint presentation. When you’ve made a recording, you can make simple edits and upload the resulting video to the web.

What do these recordings look like?

Example presentation recorded with the Desktop Recorder

How to download the Desktop Recorder

Go to Media Hopper.

Click the Guest button in the top right to log in.

Under the Add new button, choose Launch Desktop Recorder.

If you’ve already installed the Desktop Recorder, it should open.

If you haven’t installed the Desktop Recorder, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download it.

Further help with downloading and installing the software

Full instructions on how to download the Desktop Recorder

See these instructions as a video

How to make a recording

When you open the Desktop Recorder, you’ll see a window like this:

To record a typical “talking head + slideshow” video, choose Presentations & Lectures. Your screen should look like this:

Choose your webcam and mic from the options on the left.

Presenting from PowerPoint

We recommend that you use PowerPoint to present with this software.

Benefits of using PowerPoint:

  • Viewers can see the video and slides side by side (vs. just one or the other)
  • Viewers get a table of contents for the presentation, allowing them to navigate to a particular section
  • Lecturers can correct errors on a single slide without having to re-record the whole video

To upload your .pptx file, click Browse in the left-hand menu.

Presenting from Keynote or pdf

For non-PowerPoint presentations, use a screen capture and run Keynote/Adobe Reader separately. Screen capture records whatever is happening on your screen.

At this point, your screen should look something like this:

Start recording

Click Record at the bottom right. You’ll get a 5 second countdown before the program starts recording.

Preview and edit

When you’ve finished, click Done and you’ll get a chance to preview your video. Use Trim to remove sections at the start and end of the recording, and Chop to remove any bits in the middle. After every edit you make, click Apply down at the bottom right.


If you’re happy with the video, give it a title and click Upload. This will upload it to the My Media section of Media Hopper.

Media Hopper > My Media

How to delete a video

To delete a recording you’ve just made, click Save. This will show you a list of all videos saved to your computer. Clicking the the delete icon next to a video deletes it from your library.


When your recording is done

See an example of a presentation recorded with the Desktop Recorder


If you made your recording using PowerPoint, viewers can jump to a particular slide. Clicking the “3 horizontal line” button opens a menu on the left.

The icons at the top right allow the viewer to rearrange how the slides and the webcam video are displayed. For example:

Media Hopper screen options

Further instructions

Full instructions on how to make a recording