Microsoft Teams

What can I use Teams for?

Teams is typically used for

  • group chatting
  • video meetings and voice calls
  • drop-in meetings
  • document sharing and collaboration

Group Chatting

As mentioned above, each channel has a Posts tab, where group conversations can take place, as in a chat. In addition, you’ll see that the left-hand vertical bar contains a Chat tab. Use this tab to access active chats or create new ones. Add participants to a chat using the add participants button at the top right of your screen.

Video meetings and voice calls

Use the Calls Tab to voice or video call, message and email one or more of your contacts. Open the Make a Call button for more options.

Schedule meetings using the Calendar tab, which syncs with your Outlook calendar.

From the calendar view, double click on the date and time you’d like to schedule a meeting, and the meeting scheduler wizard opens. Add you details and Save to send to invitees.

Drop-in Meetings

If you’d like to use Teams to manage drop-in meetings, like office hours, you can set this up using the meeting lobby. As the meeting organiser, you can control who gets into your meeting directly, and who should wait for someone to let them in. If you choose to have people wait, you’ll receive an alert that someone is in the lobby and see a list of people in the lobby. From there, you can choose to admit them one by one.

  • First, schedule your meeting in Teams. Then join the meeting to access the meeting options. Select Meeting options from the ellipses menu
  • Under ‘Who can bypass the lobby?’ select Only me. Check the other settings and Save.

Remember to share instructions with your students to let them know that they may have to wait in a queue for a while before they are admitted to the meeting when they enter the lobby.

Prefer to use Zoom for drop-in meetings?

Document sharing and collaboration

You can access your personal files, including recently viewed, your downloads folder and your One Drive, from the left-hand vertical menu. The horizontal toolbar at the top of the page gives you further options for managing files.

You can also manage documents within a channel in the image below, the General channel File tab is open. Again, there are additional tools to manage files.

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