Microsoft Teams

Create a Teams Meeting and Share it in your Learn Course

There may be times when you want to have a live Teams meeting with your students, but for ease of access, you provide a link to the meeting from your Learn course.

First, create the Teams meeting

If using the Outlook Desktop app:

  • Open Outlook calendar and select the time block you need to schedule your meeting.
  • Select ‘New Teams Meeting’.
  • Fill in the title, at least one recipient (can even be yourself), date / time and ‘Send’.

If using the Outlook browser app

  • Open Outlook calendar, select ‘New Event’ and then ‘Add online meeting’ > ‘Teams meeting’
  • Fill in the title, at least one recipient (can even be yourself), date/time and ‘Send’.

Now return to Outlook Calendar (or Teams calendar) and open the new meeting that has been scheduled.

  • Right-click on the purple link ‘Click here to join…’ and select ‘Copy hyperlink’ (or ‘Copy link address’)

Now you can paste this meeting link into an email, an announcement on Learn or anywhere else you need to share it.

  • To share in Learn, go to the area in your Learn course where you want to post the link. Select ‘Build content’ > Web Link.
  • Give your link a relevant name, paste the meeting link into the URL field and ‘Submit’.
  • The new meeting is now available as a link in your Learn course.

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